Keeping healthy in the office

When you work in an office, at a desk for 8 hours a day and 5 days a

When you work in an office, at a desk for 8 hours a day and 5 days a week, you feel yourself slowly developing bad patterns for your health including decreased posture, lack of mobility and generally just feeling unhealthy. Our blog today will give you some gadgets that you can purchase to give yourself that extra benefit to staying healthy in the office!

Darma Seat Cushion


When you’re concentrated on your work you are completely unaware you may be slouching or doing something to make your posture deteriorate. Well, you now have your own PA! With a cushioned seat with built in sensors, you can download an app that will help improve your posture. The app will:

  • Notify when you need to stand, take a break or improve your posture
  • Monitor your heart rate, stress levels and sitting time
  • Alerts you when you’ve gone in to a bad posture and advise you how to improve it

This product is available on Amazon

Cubii Mini-Eleptical


No matter what you’ll always end up tapping your feet or swinging your feet back and forth because you just want to keep moving! Well, this gadget is perfect to keep you moving. It won’t interrupt you or your co-workers as you can go about your business whilst doing minimum exercise with your legs.

It’s been shown that constant movement in one way or another increases blood flow which increases creativity. So once you get moving the ideas will be flowing!

It’s available on Amazon and is retailed at £465.65

Air purifier


There’s nothing better than having something that smells great whilst you work, which is why you need a tabletop purifier.

You can find lots of them online as they are a common purchase to the public. It can keep you chilled out and reduce stress whilst working and it can clear up your sinuses if you’re feeling a little under the weather. They can vary from price depending on where you get them from, but if you search in Google ‘Air purifier’ there will be endless results.

Tabletop Zen Garden


There’s nothing more unhealthy in the office than stress! It leads to filling your desk with chocolate and sweets, low moods and loss of concentration. Well, by getting a mini Zen Garden you can take five minutes just having a little play and keeping your stress levels down to get you back in focus.

It’s said that arranging stones and playing with the sand that starts to relax you which will definitely help if you start to feel stressed.

You can get them online for different prices. Just type in ‘mini zen garden’ and you’ll find different sites to purchase your mini zen garden.