Why you should know about renting an office in December

Okay so it’s nearly Christmas and business gets a little quiet. This is the perfect opportunity to prepare

Okay so it’s nearly Christmas and business gets a little quiet. This is the perfect opportunity to prepare you plans for 2018! Renting an office in December will give you the full benefit and focus to start growing and expanding your business. Here we’ll give you some little tips and we will also be referring you to Free Office Finder where they can help you out a little more.

Why you should know about renting offices in December

You may need to get a bigger office or smaller office, it completely depends on what your business is like for size and how many members of staff you have. The good thing about doing this is because you can make sure everything is set up and you are settling in to your ‘second home’ ready to start the year on a high!

It can be a little difficult to decide when the right timing is, but in all honesty it’s got to be done at some point! Obviously the quietest time of the year is the best time to do it, and like I said it’s probably Christmas. Don’t leave it until the new year!


We all love a deal no matter what it is, especially in December time when we’re all going to be pretty much skint from buying Christmas presents. What we found out through Free Office Finder is that you can actually get some pretty good deals in December.

Business is business and if it comes down to offering people December deals then so be it. Who can complain?! Just keep this little tip in mind.

Make the big move whilst you’re making small decisions

Obviously moving in to new premises is a big thing, so why not make the move in December because chances are it’ll be the biggest decision of the month. Nobody will have phones constantly ringing just every now and again so it’s not really going to be a massive inconvenience.

The biggest decisions will come at the start of the new year, so if you leave it to then you’ll end up ten times more stressed and may not even end up moving at all. Like everybody says these days: “Look to the future”

Check out more tips with Free Office Finder

Free Office Finder have created a blog with their top 5 reasons why you should rent an office in December – check it out!