21st Century office tech

It’s not the nineteenth or twentieth century anymore, so we think it’s time you upgrade your office to

It’s not the nineteenth or twentieth century anymore, so we think it’s time you upgrade your office to the latest business tech of the twenty first century! Fax machines may come in handy, but on extremely rare occasions; we have email now and scanners so it’s much easier to send documents and scan in documents to send across.

Today’s blog will give you some of the essential mobile office tech to have in the office to give it a more modern touch.

The Cloud


Online storage is completely replacing filing and using up space on your PC. It’s an amazing think to use because not only can it help you increase your PC space, it saves you money on CD’s and USB’s because there are many free cloud file storage available to you.

It’s secure as you protect all your files with a password (and we all know how to create a secure password right?) but you do need to take the suggested precautions to keep it safe and secure.

If you’re not quite sure about what the cloud is and what is available to you, our blog about cloud file storage can give you some guidance one what to use.



We all have computers and laptops, but have you ever thought about a tablet like an iPad? It might be a good time to start having a think about it if it’s for good use of course.

For example (at Specsavers they use tablets to book their customers in and show them different things to help them with their choices on glasses or any other relevant thing). It’s handy because if you go on business or in a meeting, you can always take notes using the tablet instead of the standard pen and paper (it’s quicker to type trust us) and you can view presentations and all sorts on the tablet. It makes it easier for you to travel lite.

Mobile apps

Depending on your business’ budget, you can invest in getting an app made for your business. It can be easier for your customers to access your website or app on the go. It’s like the fashion range such as New Look, Topshop, Topman; they all have apps that cuts out part of their website to allow their customers to shop via the app.

Some business’ have their own app to access their data, so only they can download it because it’s a private app for them. Sometimes it can be easier to do this as it will decrease your browsing time for certain files and get you straight to what you’re looking for.

It can take quite a few months to get it sorted and it could be costly depending on what you would like, but at the end of the day if it is worth the money which you may get back through sales and more then it’s definitely something to have a think about.


Video conferencing

Business is business, and there’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to attend a meeting because the client/partner is so far away and you have other commitments scheduled in your diary. Well, how about having your meeting in your office and in their office at the same time? Video conferencing is the absolute miracle to this issue as it makes it much easier for your schedule.

You can easily do your presentation in front of the video camera and get a better feel and conversation going with video conferencing. Telephone calls don’t have the same effect, you can’t show them anything and you can’t see how they react to certain parts (facial expressions are better when presenting business). It also puts a face to the voice and it just works so much better than a standard telephone call.



Yes it’s good to have a bit of old and new, but if you stick to strictly old tech, how are you going to get down with the new tech?!