Modern day gadgets that look like old technology

It seems as though old looking tech is becoming the new fashion. Gadgets that you used to have

It seems as though old looking tech is becoming the new fashion. Gadgets that you used to have back in the day are making an appearance again with some added extra features. Trends come and go but it seems the old coming back in to the new is a constant trend. Here are some of the top gadgets that you can get your hands on today!

Handheld gaming device

Everyone loved the classic gameboy, but now you can combine the old and the new together. Just purchase the Smartboy Development Kit and attach your Android Smartphone to the top and away you go.


Although it is not available in the UK at the moment, it is available in the US on for $96.

Harper Wood Wireless Speaker

This vinyl wrapped speaker has come back to the 21st Century to show all the new kids on the block what it’s all about. With Bluetooth capacity and the device being completely wireless, it’s definitely a great combo of the old and new.


It’s available on Urban Outfitters for £56! Get it while you can.

Old school pop corn maker

Sweet or salted everyone loves popcorn! Why not get yourself an old fashioned mini popcorn maker for your kitchen? Just purchase it for £82.99 on WayFair and you’ll never look back.


Turntables are the new in

For some reason everybody is going mad for turntables as they are becoming more popular. With a build in speaker, it combines the old and new in such a discrete way making people love it even more.


There are hundreds you can buy online for various prices.

Smartphones are so last year

You don’t need a smartphone when you’ve got a cool rotary dial phone. Sometimes it’s good to have those major throwback moments, and who knows maybe it’ll get you off your smartphone more?

Instead of it being full rotary, there are push buttons instead, just to make it a little modern to say the least.


It’s that popular on Amazon that the product is officially sold out (for the time being anyway).