Technology making the one pound coin impossible to fake

Many believe that the old one pound coin is easy to fake and there are lots of fake

Many believe that the old one pound coin is easy to fake and there are lots of fake ones out there. So the best way to end fake money is to create new with high technology involved in them. Today’s blog will be about the new one pound coin and how high tech it is that faking it is impossible.


About the new pound coin in detail

In the UK, it is said that there are 1.6 billion one pound coins, and around 2.5 percent are fake. It’ll be hard to realize if you own a fake coin or not. There will be elements of the coin that look like the real thing, but it may not contain a feature that the real coin has.

Technology has designed the new one pound coin and made sure that it will be impossible to fake.

Features of the new one pound coin


  • 12 sided
  • Made out of two different types of metals – outer layer (nickel brass) inner layer (nickel-plated alloy)
  • Hidden high-security feature
  • Hologram image that changes the pound sign to a 1 when looking at different angles
  • Milled edges


What makes the new coin so secure?

For obvious and security reasons, they cannot reveal why it’s secure or that would give the game away. But what they have revealed, is that the human eye cannot detect a fake, only a machine. So if anyone decided to try and make a fake, it would be impossible to do unless they had the high security tech equipment to do this.


‘Special’ one pound coins

When the new five pound note came out, everyone went crazy over there being information that some of the notes were worth a lot of money with certain serial numbers on. Now there are in fact ‘special’ one pound coins.

It is said that some one pounds coins were incorrectly stamped with 2016 on them instead of 2017. Who knew that a one pound coin could be worth around £250?


At the moment you can still use the old and new one pound coins, but when it reaches 15th October 2017, you will no longer be allowed to use your old one pound coins. It is suggested that when the time comes nearer, pay a visit to your local bank and change your old coins for the new ones.

Technology is an amazing thing, and for it to get a step closer to stop people from creating fake money as a con to others it just shows how much more we can rely on technology.