Online backup – advantages of backing up data off-site

Backing up your business' data and files are essential, just in case you loose them and cannot recover

Backing up your data and files is absolutely essential. For instance, if you delete your files by mistake there is a good chance it is gone forever unless you have it backed up. Another situation could be that your business network is vulnerable to hackers and they encrypt all your files for ransom. Without a reliable backup solution, it could be impossible to recover confidential and important files. 

Backup solutions are there to serve a purpose. It is always recommended that you have at least two other copies of a file in addition to the original so that if that one goes missing, you can use the back up instead. Think of it as a plan B and plan C. 

The discussion of today’s blog is the perks and advantages of backing up your data and files offsite. 

The importance of backing up your files


The consequences of only having one copy of your files can be devastating, especially when you have confidential and important business information stored. You should always have more than one copy of your documents and files stored elsewhere, so that should your primary source fail you can look to your backup instead.

Some of the top reasons for loosing your files are:

  • Victim to hacking and held to ransom 
  • File encryption – hacked through an unsecured network
  • User error – accidentally deleting the file
  • Computer hardware/software error
  • Theft of hardware equipment

Offsite backup


When backing up offsite this means it is done through the Cloud. Other copies are stored elsewhere such as at another office on another server. For instance, you may have a whole server full of important files but you don’t know where to back it up to. We can keep a backup here at our offices, so if a

disaster strikes we can easily restore all your files. Having a backup offsite is beneficial because it is not connected to your network and is completely separate to your business. 

Alternatively, you can store files on OneDrive, Google Drive or any other Cloud related storage spaces. Some offer paid plans if you have a whole lot of data to store. Coming from IT experts, make sure you’re confident in using Cloud storage so that in the event of a disaster you know that your other copies are safe and can easily be retrieved. 

The two types of backup


As IT experts, we want to make sure that businesses get the most out of backing up their data and giving them the opportunity to protect important business files. That is why we have two different Cloud services available to customers. 

Online data backup – Just like One Drive, backup your files to our online, secure vault and should anything go wrong, we will provide you with the files you need. 

Server Imaging – This backs up your entire server by taking an image every 15 minutes. For example, if an incident occurred where everything was locked until you paid the ransom, we can wipe everything off your systems and restore it with the data from your server backup right here at our office. 

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