Online Data Backup vs Server Imaging – Which is Best for My Business?

Online data backup and server imaging are two types of cloud-based data backup that businesses depend on. We

By now, we all know how important it is having data backup in place for business, but do you have the right one suited to your needs? Finding the right one will not only be cost-effective but give you peace-of-mind that your chosen data backup method is performing the way you need it to.

Online data backup and server imaging are two types of cloud-based data backup that businesses depend on. We break down these reliable backup methods to help you learn about their fantastic features and feel confident about choosing the right solution for you.

Online Data Backup

Online data backup is a service where regular backups of your data from your PCs and server to a secure data centre via the internet.

Online data backup is easy for companies to use. It is completely automated, and down to you as to how often you want a backup to occur. This can be daily or even at certain key points throughout the day.

It’s fully scalable and flexible too, with the ability to accommodate as many PCs as you want, no matter where they are. This makes online data backup a fantastic choice for those working from home.


Finally, online data backup means that your data can be recovered anytime and anywhere. From a super secured data centre, those critical files will be back with you in a matter of seconds with a push of a button.

Server Imaging

An amazing service for any business, server imaging saves it all! It’s a backup and disaster recovery solution all in one, taking a “snapshot” of your entire server.


It’s different from online data backup as it captures it all – your files, applications and even your operating system. So, if disaster were to happen and everything was lost, you can get it all back, and fast. Server imaging will get you back up and running in 15 minutes!

It’s a very simple, yet comprehensive and effective backup solution. While server imaging can be great for most businesses, it is the ideal choice for those depending on servers, so should the worst happen, they’re back up and running as normal with business largely unaffected.

Get a Trusted Backup Service with Aspect IT

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Whether it’s reliable online data backup or server imaging, our cloud services are perfect for any business looking for a dependable way of backing up their data. Get in touch today to arrange a chat about your company’s objectives and how we can help find the right backup solution.


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