Our Top 5 Amazing Gadgets for Father’s Day 2020

We pick our top 5 gadget's for this Father's Day. There is something for everyone, so if

Father’s Day 2020 in the UK is Sunday 21 June and approaching fast. This year will be very different for many families because of Covid-19. Therefore, it’s even more important to celebrate Father’s Day, however you can!

Our top 5 gadget selection this year has something for everyone. 

Portal Mini, from Facebook

Due to the circumstance with Covid-19, many of us may not be visiting our dad this Father’s Day. A great way of keeping in touch is the new Portal Mini from Facebook. This nifty little device is great to use in different rooms at home, especially if you don’t want to use the Portal TV. With amazing features including a Smart Camera which pans, zooms and widens automatically as you walk around the room, it will be a sure-fire hit.

Furbo Dog Camera

If you dad has gone back to work following the lockdown and has a pet dog, then this could be the perfect gift! So many of our pets have been used to us all working at home and dogs can suffer from separation anxiety. The Furbo Dog Camera will let your dad not only see his best friend, but also dispense a treat remotely. Check this amazing gadget out on amazon.

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LARQ Bottle - self cleaning and purification water bottle

This amazing bottle uses the latest innovative technology to not only clean your water, but it can also clean the bottle as well! If your dad likes walking or the great outdoors, then this could be an ideal gift. It can keep water cold for 24 hours and can also keep water hot for 12 hours. Check out this gadget on their website at www.livelarq.com.


Mobile Phone Cleaner

We’re all very conscious about cleanliness during the covid-19 pandemic and one gadget we use every day is our mobile phone. So here is a great gadget which not only claims to clean your device but to also make it smell great with an added aromatherapy function. A great gift for the health-conscious dad’s out there. See what it can do on the amazon website

Dodow - Sleep Aid

If your dad struggles to fall sleep, as many of us do, then this little gadget could be a great gift for Father’s Day. According to their website, this device can help you to fall asleep 2.5 times faster. And to back up their claims, they offer a 100-day money back guarantee. Have a look at their website at mydodow.com to see if you dad would love this gadget.


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