Top questions about your phone battery answered

Is it just us or is that our battery just drains the longer you have your phone? You

Is it just us or is that our battery just drains the longer you have your phone? You can charge it and use if for five minutes then next news you’re on 20%. How does that work? Over time your battery will use more battery life quicker as you use it more, making you more dependent on your charger! Our blog today will answer some of those annoying questions you always ask and never know the answer to.

Do you need to charge your phone when you first get it?

If you like your phone to have full horsepower then yes, but realistically no. Charging your phone so much when you first get it will have a memory effect and it becomes a vicious cycle as your phone becomes dependent on being charged.

When you first pull your phone out the packaging it will more than likely not be fully charged which is completely fine, just try and avoid charging it fully unless it’s a necessity to do so.

Does a phone battery get worse over time?

You probably know the answer already but yes they do. It’s not just something you think you’re going crazy over, but yes it’s true. It’s said that the phone is understood to handle so many cycles which is when a battery fully drains.

I can guarantee that you’ve thought your battery gets used so quickly the longer you’ve had your phone. We always have a tendency to put it on charge over night regardless of what percentage your phone is on so that you’ve got full power for the next day. Over 300 – 500 cycles, your phone will then deteriorate as this is the how many full cycles it can usually last before drastically losing capacity. Lots of smartphone users end up getting a new phone after a couple of years because their battery is no longer functional for them.

Should you wait until your phone has 0% until you can charge it?

Apparently you shouldn’t wait until it drains and you’re better off charging it when it still has some battery life still in it. It has said to prolong a battery life by 50% which provides 600-750 full cycles before the capacity of the phone drops to 70%. It is better to charge your phone when it hits 50% percent rather than 0%.

Does Wi-Fi and Bluetooth effect the battery life?

It does effect it to a certain extent because your data will constantly be roaming and it will use a bit more horsepower, but it won’t drastically use up your battery life. If you don’t need your Bluetooth on then switch it off because it’ll give you the extra couple of percentages on your phone (you may need that extra 2% sometimes).

You can save your battery by turning your airplane mode on so then it blocks data roaming which is what helps drain your battery life.

How can you save your battery life?

There are many ways you can save your smartphone battery life from draining so fast. We have recently had an article published in the Saddleworth Independent Newspaper, giving you tips on how to save your smartphone battery.