A warning against spam and malicious emails

We have seen an increase in viruses and spam emails with our customers. We want to let you

We have recently seen an increase in spam emails to our customers and have fallen victim to a Trojan virus. Unwanted emails is the last thing we want to appear in our inbox there has been a specific email going round to several businesses, encouraging them to click a link which installs software on the PC. This could potentially be deadly as it can lead to major errors including spreading to other PCs and servers. 

What is the email?

It is a Trojan script virus that is designed to run in the background without the user’s knowledge that it’s on the PC. In this case it is installed

on to your PC through user error; customers have been receiving a dropbox email containing a link to a “document” labelled DOC_N57171.doc which contains the virus. Once the file has been opened the Trojan is then released on to the PC and the user will have no knowledge until the damage has been done.


How it can affect a business

The problem with the virus is that once installed on a PC, it can gain access to the network your PC is on and corrupt files on servers and other PCs. The aim is to get access to files completely undetected so they can’t be stopped. There are numerous things that you can do to prevent attacks like this:

  • Anti-virus: software designed to detect attacks like this can help you discover and recover almost instantly
  • IT Support: contact your provider immediately to prevent maximum damage 
  • Spam filter: a service designed to filter through any incoming emails and quarantine suspicious emails 

The best advice we can offer you are these following points:

  • Read the email address – is it suspicious looking or does something not sit right? (click reply if it looks legit as it may be different once you click to reply)
  • Do not click the link! – if it seems suspicious or you are not expecting anything do not click the link 
  • Delete the email – ignore the email and delete straight away 
  • Check the content – lots of scams include grammatical and spelling errors (if there is no content, ignore it)
  • Do not leave your PC unprotected – this is the worst thing you can do, anti-virus is a must!
  • Be vigilant – if you have been a victim to these attacks, look for the warning signs and take care of your actions
  • If payment is requested by someone in the business or at all, please CONFIRM with the email sender or someone high up before making any payment or opening the attachment

If you would like more information about spam and malicious emails, you can visit our spam filtering page, or alternatively fill in your contact details below and we will be happy to discuss your concerns. 


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