Protecting your PC from ransomware

You may of heard that the NHS has been hit with a cyber attack. But did you also

You may of heard that the NHS has been hit with a cyber attack. But did you also know that 150 countries were attacked at the same time by  the ‘WannaCry’ ransomware hacker? This is a wake up call not just to yourself but to everyone else and other businesses. We encourage and urge everyone to make sure that they are full protected and their PC’s are up to data with the correct software.

Why are Cyber attacks happening?

Cyber attacks happen because people do not have the correct protection or updates in place. Developers are making updates constantly so that the system and security is always changing, which can make it a much more difficult task for someone to hack.

Hackers do what they do for a financial gain. A hacker can decide how much money they want to hold the data for, and make the company pay up. The typical amount is around £230 which is a lot, but also can you imagine if they did this amount for around 100 businesses in one month? This is where you need the appropriate strategies and protection in place.

How can some hack your PC?

The most common way is for someone to send you an email that looks like it is from a legit company, when in fact it isn’t. This is called ‘Phishing’ They usually send you across a link and informing you to update your details or they need you to re-enter your details.

Google Docs have been targeted by phishing emails recently and we created a blog post on how to detect a suspicious email. You can read it here. It will give you the most helpful tips for you to avoid becoming a victim of attack.

The word of warning we will give you now is to never click on a link that asks you to verify your details. Chances are it is a scam, and you are already allowing access when you click on the link.

How can you tell if your PC is infected?

If a hacker wants a ransom for the data that they have stolen from you, a message will pop up on your screen informing you that you have been hacked and it will give you a button to click to ‘pay ransom’. Do not do it right away, see if you can get in contact with someone that can help you. Aspect IT provide Heimdal and Server Imaging that can assist with blocking out attacks.


What to do if your PC becomes infected?

Staying calm is the main thing in this situation here. Panicking will not get you anywhere. The National Crime agency encourages people to not pay the ransom and to contact Action Fraud (the UK’s national fraud and cyber crime reporting centre.


As previously stated in our blog, Aspect IT supply Server Imaging which can back up all your data to a hard drive every 15 minutes. We also give you a free trial for Heimdal Security which is designed to protect and fight malicious attacks and vulnerabilities in your PC. To request a free trial or to get more information, please contact our office on 0161 241 9050.