Top Ransomware stats that will shock you

Ransomware in a business is on the rise and we need to be more prepared for the unexpected.

Ransomware is one of the top major threats on a business and most of all a top concern for business owners. What some organizations and individuals fail to realize is the consequences it can have and why there is such a high priority in protection schemes again the malicious cyber crime. 

Our blog today will give you some shocking statistics and a taste of reality as to what can happen if your business doesn’t take action now. 

2017 overall Ransomware crime


Million fraud and computer misuse incidents


Hours spent recovering on impact of attack


Percent of UK companies pay the ransom


Percent increase in business cyber crime

Ransomware in business


types of malware attacks on businesses each year


Million pound in downtime for UK businesses


Million pound was paid in Ransomware demands

How Ransomware attacks can be avoided

There are numerous ways in which you can help and aid your business’ protection. With tips such as keeping a strong password, not telling anyone what it is or writing it down there’s also software packages that are designed to automatically detect and patch any threats incoming to your PC, server etc. 

Heimdal is one of our re-seller products that we highly recommend. It is designed to:

  • Block Cyber-threats before they manage to attack your system
  • Maximize the security within the network and block any holes where cyber criminals can get access
  • Protect any data and personal information stored on your system 

If you would like any more information and/or are interested in the Heimdal package we have available, please fill out your details below and a member of our team will contact you to discuss the process and your requirements. 


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