The recipe for a successful blog!

Writing a blog is pretty simple as you just need a topic and just talk away without boring


Writing a blog is pretty simple as you just need a topic and just talk away without boring your audience! With a pinch of knowledge and a dash of research, you should have a great blog to share. Here are some hints and tips to help you build your blog.

Identify what your audience is interested in


Before you start writing your content, you need to know what your audience love to know about whether it’s technology, politics, gadgets etc. If you write what they want to hear about then you’re more than likely to get noticed.


Pick your topic


Every blog needs a topic, otherwise it’ll be either a blank blog or a blog that makes no sense if you talk about too many different things. Just make sure that you know what you’re talking about!


TIP: If it’s about a product, make sure you give all the factual information do not make it up



Structure your blog


Structure is key as it makes the whole thing flow very nicely! Here is how it should be structured:


-Make your point and explain it

-Repeat above for however many points you have

-Conclude the blog and maybe add in a Call To Action if necessary




A good blog is roughly over 300 words. Try and expand on your points so that the reader can get as much information as they need. Try not to ramble on though as it can bore the reader. Some blogs can be around 1,000 words but in business terms around 300 would be your best mark.


Pay attention to spelling and grammar


It doesn’t look great if your grammar, spelling or punctuation isn’t right on your blog. It can be quite embarrassing because it is something you should know as an adult and in a business. Even though you may not deliberately do it, typos can happen in everyone’s work.


TIP: Always proof read and spell check your work before you publish. Get others to read and review beforehand