Resolving your IT pain points

In every business you’re always going to have some pain points at least. You will never look at

In every business you’re always going to have some pain points at least. You will never look at something and think ‘yes this is completely faultless’. Our blog today will go through some of the pain points that a business may have and how you can resolve or reduce it.

Out of date operating systems

Some businesses often think that if their PC is working then it’s fine. Well, I hate to disappoint those who do think this because it’s actually not. Operating systems need to be updated when the next version comes out because of numerous things:

  • Added updates and features
  • Increased security
  • Added functions

If you don’t keep your OS updated then you’re putting your data, information and your business financials at risk because it’ll have the latest security updates.

How do I fix it? – keep everything updated. Check daily or weekly if there are any updates to your OS that you need to action.


Keeping your printers in this century would be a great idea! Sometimes you may think that the printer is fine, as long as it prints what you need then there’s no problems. One question you need to ask yourself is: ‘Does it appear to be slow and take forever?’ If your answer is a YES then it’s time for a new printer!

Also, is it even necessary to have a printer? Technology is a beautiful thing and there can be ways to save yourself time and money on printing. Many business often use tablets to either take to meetings or get their customers to fill in forms. It’s too much physically filling and takes up so much space in the office. If it’s essential for a printer make sure it’s updated, if not get rid!

Lack of IT Support

Not every business needs an in house support team, just because it’s not n. However, every business does need some form of support, because what are you going to do if your server goes down, or your PC gets hacked? If you don’t have or need an in house support team then the best way is to outsource.

Obviously that’s where we come in because we do IT Support (I wonder what gave that away). You can fill in the form at the bottom of the page and we can arrange a free onsite meeting and produce a full, free quote for your business.

Being stuck at your desk all day

Being stuck in one place for 8 hours a day with a 30 minute lunch break can get boring and tiring. Your attention span will just increasingly wander on other things rather than you’re actual work. There are several different ways to tackle this problem which is a benefit because you can sort of pick and choose whichever you want, just to help you have a little break and get back on focusing on your work:

  • Have a mini break with your colleagues to have a chat about the weekend or something that you usually talk about (we have a chill out area)
  • Work from home (can get up and break in your own environment, plus the Cloud can allow you to access all your work from your work place)
  • Get involved in the brew round! (everyone likes a good cuppa)