Cool gadgets to keep you extra safe

You want to feel safe wherever you go, and it’s so frustrating not knowing if you remembered to lock

You want to feel safe wherever you go, and it’s so frustrating not knowing if you remembered to lock your door or anything you use is secure enough. These cool gadgets will help you stay safe and secure.

Barking dog alarm

Do you ever just run past a house when you hear a dog bark because it’s just natural instincts? Well the same applies to when someone attempts to burgles your house as the noise from the barking dog will attract attention from your surrounding area.


The dog barking alarm is a great gadget to keep your home safer as it functions like any other alarm, if it detects movement from the sensor then the alarm will sounds. It has a 180 degree detection beans within a 6 metre radius. It will then sound the dog bark for twenty seconds which will allow any unwanted attention in your house clear the area. Not bad for a strange gadget!

Heavy duty alarm lock

No matter how many locks you put on your bike or locker, someone will easily find a way to pick the lock so they can steal your belongings. Not with this kind of lock! Like we said before, alarms make thieves scatter like no tomorrow, so with this alarm lock consider your belongings safe.

It is designed to sound an alarm when the lock is moved or someone tries to tamper with it and obviously on you can deactivate the alarm with your key. It’ll give you plenty of warning if someone tries to pick it.


Skunk lock

Never get your bike stolen again with this interesting skunk lock. If you’re thinking it acts like a skunk then you’re completely right! If someone tries to tamper with the lock and it’s positioned in a way that it shouldn’t, then the lock will spray gas at them (completely harmless) causing them to feel nausea and irritating eyes.

This gadget is definitely one to purchase if you’re a regular victim to someone trying to steal your bike!

Karma stinks!

Wi-Fi enabled video doorbell

There’s always that film where someone is home alone, the doorbell rings and there’s a serial killer at the door (but they don’t know that until they’ve answered). Yes it’s highly unlikely that a serial killer will be at the door, but there’s always the curiosity of wondering who is at the door (especially when you aren’t expecting anyone).

You can see exactly who is at your door with the Wi-Fi enabled doorbell and the beauty of it is that you don’t even need to be at home to view the footage on your mobile device. It also has a motion sensor just in case someone comes knocking instead of ringing the bell.


Solar powered motion sensor security light

There’s nothing better than catching someone in the act! This solar powered security light will keep those thieves away as they will be exposed to the bright light if they cross it. With motion sensors and a 120 degree vision, anyone that tries to move in front of it in the dark will be instantly dazzled with a bright light which can cause home owners to be woken by the beam.

If it stops thieves roaming your streets at night, it is definitely advisable to purchase one. They are only £12 to buy!