Sage Accounting Software Integration for businesses

Sage Accounting Software Integration is most definitely possible. It has many abilities with the right developer in place.

Sage Accounting Software can be integrated with third party software as a way of saving time for businesses. Although you may have adjusted to a particular process, some can often feel as though it takes a long time to get simple things done. If you have a large client base, it’s much more practical for a software solution to be put in place. 

Integration is a lifesaver for a business as it reduces errors, time, saves cost and much more. SMEs would benefit massively from this as it gives them a better focal point on other aspects of the business rather than dealing with the accounts side. Today’s blog will cover what types of integration is possible and also what are the main benefits of Sage Accounting Software Integration. 

The possibilities

CRM Integration

Integrating your CRM system with Sage accounts is one of the first options available. A piece of software can be created to allow Sage and your CRM to communicate figures to one other. It has the ability to import information from the database in to Sage so figures and invoices can be created automatically.

eCommerce Integration

This comes in handy for those who have an online shop via their website. Processing orders in to Sage can be time consuming, especially when large order volumes come through. The software is designed to take the information that is from your website and process the order and input it in to Sage which takes very little time to do. It’s proven useful as we have worked with a business who were spending hours processing just one large order. 

Magento Integration

Magento is an eCommerce platform that can also integrate with Sage. As well as WordPress, it will extract the information from the website and transfer it over to Sage. It’s much easier to do it automatically than manually.

The benefits



Processing large volumes of orders can be time consuming and businesses often wish that it could be made simpler. With Sage Accounting Software Integration with the above solutions it can be made much quicker and can be done in minutes or even seconds.



Spending too much time on processing customer orders can take up time and doesn’t allow you to put all your efforts in the focus of the business. With the system in place that reduces time, you can be more productive in generating more business.



The cost of a bespoke software typically can cost a fair amount upfront. However, in the long run it can save a business money as it means employees can focus on generating more revenue, remove a requirement for someone to complete admin from the website to Sage etc. 

Intrigued to find out more?

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