Top reasons why you should invest in Sage Integration

As a business owner you want to spend your time and money wisely. What is we told you

Sage has the ability to integrate with third party Software if you have the best Software Developers on hand. Without the ability to integrate other Software with Sage it can make life significantly more difficult. You may not be aware of it but it can enhance your business productivity and save you the stress and worry. 

Our top benefits to Sage integration will help you gain a better understanding of the advantages that await. 

What can Sage integrate with?

With the process done properly it can integrate with many different types of third party software. The main and most popular types are websites and CRM systems. This helps data transform from one platform in to the other to make the process much faster with automation. This is where we go in to the benefits as to why you should invest in Sage integration. 


End-to-end visibility

The only thing Sage can do is keep a list of accounts and payments that you track. What if we told you that we can create an automatic process that pulls information from your CRM or website and transfers it to Sage? It will give you end-to-end visibility on purchasing trends and patterns of a customer and allows to you to access it more quickly and efficiently than cross referencing the two. 


Less time spent on data entry

Collecting orders and manually inputting them in to Sage can be a pain to do, especially if you put hundreds or even thousands of orders in per day. Data entry can be reduced massively and give you a process that does it automatically. You will no longer dread the words ‘data entry’ ever again!


Real time updates

Any information input on one end will update on the other end so there will be no abnormalities and it will provide you with real time updates. For example, if a customer would like to know how much they are currently paying, you can go straight to their account in Sage and the information pulled from your CRM system or website will be able to give you an accurate update. 


Where we come in

To make your life simpler and business productivity better, you need to find yourself some good Software Developers who will meet with you and assist in enhancing your business workload. Luckily for you that’s us! 

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