Is it possible to link business CRM Systems with Sage?

Sage integration is beneficial to businesses, plus it has the capability to merge with numerous platforms. But can

With the right, qualified people for the job it most certainly is possible. The whole point of linking the two pieces of software together is to save a business time. If everything is done manually, it can take up a lot of unnecessary time whereas a few clicks can have it done almost instantly. We’ll highlight the benefits for you to show you how efficient it is for a business. 

What is a CRM system?


Pretty sure the majority of you reading this blog know what a CRM system is, but in case you don’t we’ll explain it to you. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It’s a database that holds all of your customer and client data so you can efficiently manage your customer base and the contact you make with them. 

It’s useful for tracking what products and services each client has so you can identify what opportunities there for each customer. With regards to payment and invoicing, without the connection between your CRM and Sage, manual input is a must which can take time especially if you have a large client base.

The advantages of CRM and Sage Integration

Time saving


The best thing about CRM and Sage integration is that what should be hours of manual work can all be done within a few clicks and possibly less than an hour. There’s nothing more satisfying than a big job being compressed in to a much smaller job that relieves the pressure and stress from you. Less time spent on admin the more time can be spent on other and more important business tasks. 

Streamline and accuracy


The main benefit of the integration is that there is a higher chance of figures being more accurate. Sage will pull out the information from the CRM system and produce the reports based on the information gathered from your CRM system. 

Any mistakes done manually is down to human error as there can often be a lot of

information to handle. However, if the information, reports and accounts are generated automatically there’s a better chance of the data being correct.

Saving costs


Sage integration with your CRM system will not only saving you time, it will save the business money. You may have to employ a member of staff to roll off the accounts and invoices all day, every day. With this integration you will save yourself the cost of an extra employee(s). 

Is it worth investing in?


When you’re reading the benefits of this blog you’re probably thinking is it even worth the hassle of having the system developed and implemented in to the business. Well, we can tell you that once the process gets going and you start to become familiar with how it works, you will see the benefits completely and wouldn’t ever want to look back! 

What would you do if your client base increases and you have more accounts and invoices to raise? It’ll take much more time to sort and could potentially leave you running behind. 

Start the process today!


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