Can I link Sage with my internal business system?

Linking Sage and your internal business software system could easily provide a solution and help your business become

And the answer is YES!

Sage has limited functionality meaning it’s sole purpose is to monitor account payment from customers and payments outgoing from the business. We have linked our database with our Sage accounts in which they communicate with each other to help generate the correct invoices for the correct amount to each customer.

This blog will expand on how it can help you profit and streamline your business.

The Solution

To find the solution, software developers will analyse your business and understand how it works internally. As a software developer it will be much easier to visit you onsite to gain a better understanding of how you work internally so they can get a clear pathway of the solution. 

As this blog is dedicated to linking Sage with your internal system, the developer will typically spend time with those who are knowledgeable and involved in the process of how the business processes payments and monitors the invoices. 


As a prime example, we have a developed our internal system to help generate invoices for customers based on the time spent on a job or the repeat monthly payments from their IT contract. Sage alone would not be able to process this and would have to be done manually which would take up more time than what needs to be. 

Our system and Sage will interact with each other so that statements and invoices are created which can be then sent straight away to the customer. No messing, no fuss, just instant. Imagine if the process was manual with hundreds of customers? That would be a LOT of admin work to do!

How we can help


As I said we are professional Software Developers, and we can come up with a simple solution to help your internal systems communicate with each other to make your business streamlined and cost efficient. 

It doesn’t matter what industry or organization you are in there is always a solution to your admin work. 

Contact us for your fast solution

If you’re interested, curious or desperate for a solution as to how Sage Development can save your business time, money and become more streamlined fill out your contact details below and we will contact you to discuss and arrange an onsite visit. 



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