Samsung allows you to disable Bixby

Have you ever just been in a conversation and all of a sudden Bixby decides to pipe up

Have you ever just been in a conversation and all of a sudden Bixby decides to pipe up with their annoying voice?! We must admit when we do want it to work she does, but when we don’t want to use her she can just appear out of nowhere and it was impossible to disable her. Well, to all you Samsung users, Bixby can now officially be disabled and here is how to do it!

Update your software

You can only disable it if you have the latest upgrade of their software. To do this, all you need to do is follow the below instructions:

  • Go to “About device”
  • Go to “Software updates”
  • Click “Update now” and it will ask you to continue in which you click “OK”.

Update Bixby

Make sure your Bixby is up to date most of all. Just go to your ‘Galaxy App Store’‘My apps’‘All’ and click on the updates for Bixby.


Once everything has been updated and your phone has the latest software updates, you can now disable Bixby. You will need to go to your setting in your phone and then you should see an option to turn it off.

You can even turn it off completely so when you do press the Bixby button, nothing will happen at all.

Obviously if you want to turn it back on you can, but if you’d much rather have some peace and quiet from a talking AI assistant then I suggest you leave it off. If you want to turn Bixby back on, then you can hold in the button you use to activate it and then it will switch itself back on!


Update availability

The main countries that the update is available in, are the UK, Germany, Australia and Bulgaria. It will soon be available globally but just keep checking if you don’t have it available to you yet!