Samsung Pay is available in the UK

First we had Apple Pay and now we have Samsung Pay. It was first around in Korea in


First we had Apple Pay and now we have Samsung Pay. It was first around in Korea in 2015 and has been spoke about over the past year to launch in the UK. So after a long while of waiting, it’s finally here for all Samsung users.

This feature allows the users of the recent Samsung Galaxy S to make contactless payments via their mobile phone. Similar to a contactless card payment, but through your mobile instead. It will allow users to not only pay for good and services, but pay for London’s travel network including tubes, trains and bus services.

Their biggest competition now is to convince Android Pay users to switch to Samsung Pay as they are the main and key competition for Samsung. To get users to switch over, Samsung will need to offer some fantastic incentives to get users to switch over and for them to compete against Android.

Features of the Samsung Pay

  • You can keep up to date with store offers and where Samsung Pay is available
  • You can set up a transport card on TFL services
  • You can upload your loyalty cards and redeem your points on Samsung Pay

What devices is Samsung Pay available on?

  • Galaxy S8 and S8+
  • S7 and S7 edge
  • S6 and S6 edge

What banks are available with Samsung Pay?

  • Santander
  • MBNA
  • Nationwide Building Society
  • HSBC (coming soon)
  • AMEX (coming soon)
  • First Direct (coming soon)
  • M&S Bank (coming soon)

How secure is Samsung Pay?


It is secure enough to keep your payments and details private. Each transaction has an individual and unique number so that your real card number will never be used on transactions from your mobile phone.

It has an extra layer of defense so that your data and information is safe. All card information is encrypted so it secure at all times.

If your phone was ever stolen, that person would not be able to use your account as all transactions are authorized by your pin, fingerprint or iris scan.