What is a SellerDeck website?

Online image for a business is essential to compete with competitors. SellerDeck is a platform that allows you

There are several different types of websites which can be used to build your online image. SellerDeck is one of them and it provides a huge benefit to you and your business. I will go through what it is, how it differs to other builders and how we can assist you further than this blog. 

What is it?

SellerDeck is a software package that is installed on to your PC and communicates with web to publish your design online. Unlike other software you do not need internet access to work on the website, which provides a benefit for you if your internet decides to go down. Without giving too much away in this section it does provide you with a variety of benefits to your online image.


How does SellerDeck web design benefit my business?

With a SellerDeck site, you can do many things which will help with your internal processes and it can also help create a process which saves it being done manually. There are two types of packages that are available with our service which are Business and Business Plus. They both have different abilities which are listed on our service page. Here are the pros of having a SellerDeck site:

  • Bespoke software, so can be customized to suit your business
  • Has additional plugins to give your website a more competitive edge
  • Can be done directly from your PC whilst disconnected from the internet
  • Compliant with cross browsers (tested)
  • Search Engine friendly to make sure you stay in the rankings

I want to find out more

If you need a new website or would like a new and improved design, we can help you out. As a SellerDeck partner for over 8 years, we have the knowledge and skills to create the perfect website for any business. The pros with our skills is that no matter how many websites we do, they will all have their individual look and unique style to one another. 

If you would like a FREE quote for our web design service, simply fill out the contact form below and we will meet with you to discuss the current design of your website if you have one, and how SellerDeck can help you stand out from any other competitor. 


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