Recover your PC with Server Imaging

So you may or may not know what Server Imaging is; but hey we’re an IT Support company

So you may or may not know what Server Imaging is; but hey we’re an IT Support company we are here to educate and help you at the same time. Server Imaging is an important piece of IT Support as it helps many people with disaster recovery with their PC’s and servers. So, without further or do here is our blog on Server Imaging for you…

What is Server Imaging?

Trying to avoid the jargon and techy language, Server Imaging is basically a disaster recovery solution that logs everything on your PC to a backup device so it can easily be restored should anything go wrong with your PC or server.

What exactly does it do?

Say if your PC or server just died and has to be replaced, without server imaging you would most definitely have lost the majority of your work which can be quite frustrating in a business. You’ve spent all that time creating these important documents and files for them all to be damaged, destroyed and lost…oops!

Server imaging backs up every single data file and folder (and we can’t stress that enough). It will back everything up every 15 minutes, so even if something happens to your PC, it may loose as little data as possible rather than the whole thing. Just make sure you often save your work in case this happens.

What are the main benefits of it?

Well, apart from what I stated above, there are many benefits to server imaging:

  • It keeps the business running if the server or desktop data ends up being lost (easily recovered)
  • It’s cost effective for any business
  • Can bring servers and desktops back online in minutes
  • Backs up to NAS or USB devices
  • Real time data protection

Why does my business need Server Imaging?

It’s so frustrating when your business loses its data and you cannot get it back. Not only does it frustrate you and stress you out, it can impact your business’ day to day functions because you will solely be focused on getting your server and desktops back up and running.

It can cause major distraction so you end up not looking after your customers properly and it can often effect their purchasing behavior (e.g. your site may be down so consumers cannot access it). This is exactly why you need a disaster recovery plan!

Who do I speak to about Sever Imaging?

Our support team can give you more information in regards to your business’ requirements for server imaging. Please fill out the call back form below and a member of the helpdesk will contact you with more information on our service.