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Server Maintenance: The essential business health checks

Server Maintenance is essential in an organisation to reduce problems within the workplace. The consequences can be disastrous

Server Maintenance is something that needs to be routinely checked every so often by your IT tech team to make sure everything is up to date, there are no threats and also you have the best servers for your business’ requirements and employee demands. To look after your business, you need to learn and know what to manage effectively on top of your staff and customers. Your equipment will eventually become outdated and you will have to renew and purchase new PCs, servers and other technology to keep up with the latest trends. 

For instance, if you’re aware that your Server is a 2008 model, now is the time to be thinking of upgrading as Microsoft have announced they will no longer support this model as of January 2020. If you’re unaware of this you can read our blog that tells you what you need to know. Without the essential maintenance checks this could affect performance and errors that could occur in the business which can affect downtime and productivity.


Sever Maintenance Room

Like anything else, there will always be consequences if you do not keep things up to date and maintained. Servers should be well protected as it can affect staff productivity. Regular maintenance will keep your servers up and running with as little errors as possible which will reduce downtime within the business. 

Overheated CPU – The best way to describe a CPU is like how the brain controls the body. Without this, the server can shut down and fail to run any computer network within the business. The effects are immediate once this stops working, so make sure you check that your servers do not overheat.

Failed programs – Servers make constant noise as it’s powering the whole business and needs to keep cool and keep the power running. Sometimes the noise can cause the programs to misinterpret commands in which can prompt the programs to fail and the server can reboot with any human instruction.

Software updates – Without checking on software updates you will never know what needs updating. This leads to vulnerabilities on the server and could results in disastrous consequences.

If your server becomes hacked or malware is installed, you could lose everything on the server including important files and data which will put the business at risk. 

Outdated equipment – As mentioned above, Server 2008 will no longer receive support at the start of next year. If you do not maintain and keep up to date with technology it can cause support issues. This is why you need to keep all equipment updated to get the right support with it.

How to maintain your server

There are many things you can do to help the maintenance of your server. With the right procedures and products in place, you will be able to have a better working server for your business. If you’re not sure yourself then the best thing to do is to consult your technical team to make the appropriate checks. This will involve certain things such as:

Server Maintenance Check

Backups – Ensure all backups are working and that everything is backing up how it should be. If you do not currently have a backup solution on your server, it would be worth to have that extra reliable source in the event of a disaster.

Software – Keep all software updated and make weekly checks for updates. It’s essential to keep your server and PCs in touch with the latest software upgrades.

Disk usage – Monitor the disk usage as it can cause issues when it’s too full. If you need more space, consult your IT technical team or your Support provider.

Physical security – It’s highly important that your server is stored somewhere physically secure. If it falls in to the wrong hands, things can go very wrong for an organization. 

Software Security – Anti-virus and anti-ransomware is essential on all devices, especially PCs and Servers. Get that extra layer of protection to prevent a risk of an attack.

Performance – Checking the performance as a whole can determine what you need to do to change or improve it. Check the network utilisation, CPU performance and RAM. 

User accounts and access – Remove old user accounts and restrict access to certain folders as it could potentially fall in to the wrong hands. Not only is this a security risk but it is also a legal risk. Keep on top of user access.

Getting help with your server

Server Maintenance Support

If your business does not have their own technical team and you do not have an IT provider to help and advise you, then we are here to help. Aspect IT are fully dedicated to SMEs across Greater Manchester to assist with IT issues, upgrading equipment, fitting and installing hardware and software and many other things. With over 50 years of combined knowledge, we can help all kinds of

We recommend you receive regular health checks on your machines and hardware to ensure all issues are minimal and that you get the best performance out of hardware and software.

If you would like any advice or quotations, please contact us on 0161 241 9050, or leave your details below to speak with one of our technicians. 


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