Should I Outsource my IT?

The age of, ‘I don’t really need an IT department because…’ has definitely been and gone. Organisations are

The age of, ‘I don’t really need an IT department because…’ has definitely been and gone. Organisations are now relying on IT systems and technology to run their business.

The companies that are most successful are those that keep up to date with technology and have the necessary processes in place to streamline their business operations, cut costs, and support their everyday activities.

The real question companies are facing though is, ‘Should I outsource my IT? 

This is a dilemma that plagues many organisations regardless of their industry or company size.

There are a few keys things that you should consider before choosing to outsource your IT;

  • Does your IT need handling in the long or short term?
  • How much of your IT could you outsource?
  • What cost savings could you make by outsourcing?
  • How much time do you and your employees lose, fixing both minor and major IT problems?

Outsourcing is not just about cost savings though, it’s about having the expertise you require just on the other end of the phone. It also means that you don’t have to find holiday cover or organise any extra training!

Outsourcing enables you to concentrate on what you do best, and that is to focus on running your business everyday, without the worry that your IT systems might fail.

But why would a small company with only 3 computers and 1 server need to outsource IT? 

The answer is simple. Nobody is immune. Whether you’re a company of one or one hundred employees, there is still a risk of a system failure. Cyber attacks, viruses, malware, employee error; the threats to your company are endless.

Small companies sometimes can’t justify employing a full time IT person to deal with these issues and this can cause huge problems if disasters do occur. Even small troubleshooting problems can take up valuable employee time and reduce productivity. By outsourcing, you are safe in the knowledge that these issues can be fixed quickly and efficiently without the need for your intervention.

We understand that handing over an aspect of your business to a third party can be a scary prospect, but wouldn’t it be even scarier to lose your business altogether to a system failure?

If you use a computer that stores any kind of information, files or data about your business then you are at risk. Your data is central to the work of your organisation – how on earth could you cope without it?

An IT support contract is a kind of insurance. We all like to protect the things that are important to us…would you risk not insuring your house?

If you would like any more help or advice on outsourcing your IT, don’t hesitate to get in touch!