Should your business switch to VoIP?

  Many small businesses have heard about or are considering using VoIP. But what is VoIP? Well, VoIP



Many small businesses have heard about or are considering using VoIP.

But what is VoIP?

Well, VoIP is an acronym and stands for Voice over Internet Protocol.What it does is enable you to receive a phone call in an internet café on your laptop, have a phone extension at home or have any STD code regardless of your business’s geographic location. These are just some of the many features VoIP can offer a small business.

So, in summary, VoIP simply means you can make and receive calls over the internet rather than using a traditional telephone line.

Small businesses are now switching to VoIP for a number of reasons. The main two reasons are for lower costs and flexibility.  All small business owners are cost conscious and VoIP can help to lower monthly costs, but they also need flexibility, so being available at alternative locations are all key factors in staying competitive and ensuring calls or messages can be taken anywhere by all staff.

So how do you make the switch to VoIP?

The first step is to check your internet speed and reliability. Most businesses have the necessary connections already available, however, if you are in a remote location, your internet speed may not be suitable.

Secondly, you need to decide if you prefer to host the VoIP system in your office or have a supplier host it for you. Both have pros and cons. Hosting your own solution has a larger initial outlay but provides more functionality and control whereas using a third-party-supplier is cheaper in the short term and charged per user, so gives flexibility with costs.

Thirdly, you need the equipment. Some suppliers will provide packages including handsets. You may just opt to use soft-phones. Soft-phones are software installed on a laptop or internet enabled device which enables it to make and receive calls.

Is it reliable and safe?

VoIP is very reliable and used by numerous businesses all across the world. But due to its popularity and increase in use, it does attract the attention of hackers. So a secure system is essential and that’s why a reputable and trusted supplier is required, i.e.  one who actually knows how to secure a VoIP system.

So should you switch?

Before you go out and get yourself a brand new VoIP system, evaluate the benefits to your company. Also test one out! Simply get a trial for some of your users from our hosted solution and see how it works. You’ll then see how things work and get a handle on its capabilities to make an informed decision.