Small Business Top Tech Trends for 2020

The top 3 small business tech trends to watch out for in 2020!

We’re not only into a new year, but also a new decade. Technology is always evolving and a new year does normally bring new trends and technologies. Small businesses need to maximise their use of new and innovative technology & trends to ensure they stay competitive. Here are our top 3 items we feel will matter to small businesses and their consumers and suppliers throughout the UK.

Mobile Matters

Smartphones are an obsession. People check their smartphones, on average, every 12 minutes. With this in mind, you must ensure your web site is mobile friendly and fully optimised. And, according to Worldpay’s Global Payment Trends report, people using mobiles for ecommerce purchases is growing at 16% per year whereas desktop PC’s are only growing at 5%. The general consensus is that this growth will continue and mobile ecommerce sales will overtake desktop PC ecommerce sales by 2023. Don’t be left behind, make 2020 the year you ensure your business website is perfect for mobile.



Worldwide Cyber Security Threats


We regularly raise the subject of cyber security and people may get fed up of discussing it. However, it remains a real issue to every small business. Cyber attacks, without doubt, will be on the increase in 2020. The first point to note is that many companies are moving their data into the cloud and secondly, more data is becoming mobile through smartphone, tablet and laptop use. These will be targets for cyber criminals in 2020. Don’t leave your computer, internet or mobile security vulnerable to attacks.

Going Green...

2019 really saw the population taking an interest in not only their personal health but the planets health. 2020 will see more momentum as consumers become more interested in the goods they purchase and the suppliers they use. Review how your company can become more environmentally-friendly through sustainable IT services, eco-friendly materials, and saving energy. And when you’ve done it, make sure your customers and suppliers know what you’ve done.


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