Should a small business consider using VoIP phone systems?

Small businesses can benefit massively from VoIP systems, especially when their budget is strictly limited. Here is how

As a small business it can be difficult to justify the costing of some products and services as you need to concentrate on more important aspects. When it comes to VoIP phone systems it is a touch and go as business owners aren’t quite sure to what the use of them is and how they differentiate from analogue phones. This will help you gain a better understanding of what VoIP phone systems are and if they’re worthwhile to a small business. 

What is a VoIP phone system?


VoIP is a telephone system that allows you to flexibly make calls over the Internet for a much cheaper cost. It can help organizations reduce national calling costs by 40% and international calling costs by 90%. It has enhanced features that you wouldn’t be able to do with an analogue phone such as flexibility and staff productivity. 

Why it's useful for any sized business


Although VoIP has been around for years it is becoming increasingly popular as ISDN lines are expected to fade out by 2020. This means that businesses will eventually have to rely on a VoIP phone system which is why we highly suggest the change now so you can become more familiar with them. 

It’s suitable for all business sizes because no matter what, VoIP will save you money that can be spent elsewhere in the business. A landline is different to 

VoIP the calls are transferred through an analogue PBX system which will cost more than what it would for a VoIP as the calls are transmitted through Internet Protocol. It’s much more cost effective simply because all elements can be brought under one network line whereas analog phones have to be under separate network lines due to the capabilities.

How you can make the change


VoIP phone systems are easy to manage and get used to once you’ve had the initial set up. We offer a VoIP phone system service where we can educate and implement your own VoIP system. We can also train you up on how to use the 3CX providers system to manage your calls, voicemails, extensions etc. There will come a time where all organizations are running on VoIP as ISDN lines will fade out within the next couple of years. 


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