Hottest Smart Home gadgets of 2017

Everything at the moment is about making your home a ‘smart home’ with all the latest tech, gadgets

Everything at the moment is about making your home a ‘smart home’ with all the latest tech, gadgets and features. Our blog today will be giving you the best Smart Home gadgets of 2017.

Smart Speaker- Amazon Echo

You may of seen our previous blog about the Amazon Echo – this is the gadget that is said to be the best smart speaker of 2017. It allows you to control a number of smart home gadgets by voice activation via Bluetooth. It’s like your personal home assistant which can allow you to multi-task on the go.

It has extra features such as providing you with the latest weather updates, news updates, purchasing things online for you and reading you audio books. From what it seems, Amazon Echo is no match for the Google Home.


Smart Thermostat – Ecobee4

Ecobee4 has a modern and slick design, with a sliding touch screen, you can adjust the temperature with one touch. It makes sure that all rooms in the house are being heated and cooled down properly with its remote sensor.

They have released a newer version which includes the Alexa assistant build in, so you can monitor and adjust the temperature by voice control. The thermostat has the exact same function as the Smart Speaker as you can ask for weather updates and control other devices in your house with it.


Smart bed – Sleep number it bed

Everyone has the curiosity as to how much sleep they’re getting exactly, and the latest smart watches can do this. But what if your bed can actually track the amount and quality of sleep you get? Well Sleep number it bed will allow you to track your heart rate, breathing, movement etc. There’s a mobile phone app that connects up with the bed to visually show all your data it has tracked.

It can connect with Fitbits, Thermostats and Smart home and health apps to help monitor your sleeping patterns. Who knew that one day your bed would be able to track how you sleep? It’s crazy!


Best smoke/carbon monoxide detector – Roost Smart Battery

This is a great gadget if you get stuck on whether you have a carbon monoxide leak or something severe. You can just plug this device in to your smoke detector and it will turn it in to a ‘smart’ gadget.

When your smoke alarm goes off, it will connect and alert you on your mobile device whether you should call emergency services or silence your alarm. This could be a life saving gadget if there was any sign of carbon monoxide leaks.


Best refrigerator – Samsung family hub refrigerator

Samsung’s smart refrigerator is probably the best kitchen gadget that’s ever existed. It has a large touch screen which allows you to do a range of things on it.

The features include allowing you to watch TV, leave notes for others in your household or reminders for yourself, order your shopping and even take a picture once you close the door. This makes it so much easier if you’re going shopping. You’ll never forget to buy something again as it will send the image to your smartphone so you can look to see if you need anything whilst you’re shopping.


There’s so much more for you too see and purchase. The technology industry is constantly changing and there’s many more gadgets being designed, created and released.