Smart Watches

There has been a lot of rumors and leaks surrounding smart watches, but are they really the next

Smart Watches

There has been a lot of rumors and leaks surrounding smart watches, but are they really the next big thing, the gadget to have?

Sci-fi films and TV shows have always featured some kind of smart watch or device on peoples wrist. It comes across as a convenient way to communicate, easily accessible, rather than digging in your pocket for a mobile device.

However there has been no amazing or revolutionary devices on the market, just small watch-type notification devices, like the Sony Ericsson LiveView, which we blogged about a while ago.

The only other notable device was the Pebble, a kick starter project which hasn’t received a lot of press.

That was until Samsung announced they would be unveiling their Galaxy Gear Smart Watch next week.

This prompted me to blog about the market, the rumors, so following is a brief summary of each major player and what is currently fact or fiction.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch

Samsung Smart Watch Potential DesignSamsung have been the first major company to make an announcement about their Smart Watch technology, with the unveiling taking place on the 4th September 2013 at the Consumer Electronics show in Berlin.

It all started back in March 2012 when a patent was made by Samsung for a curved touch screen. Since then there were rumors but no solid evidence.

The new smart watch is rumored to have a either a 2.5 inch or 5.7-inch display, with lots of sensors, including a wake-up sensor when you raise your hand to your head.

All this sounds great, but lets wait and see. And the images for a watch you are currently seeing all over the Internet are only a design idea, no-one knows what it will look like.

Pebble Smart Watch

Pebble Smart WatchThe Pebble is the first kick starter project (funded by raising money via backers) for a smart watch.

It was shipped in January 2013 to its backers and will be available to everyone soon via at a mere $150.

The functionality of the watch looks great, waterproof, shatter proof, scratch proof, back-light, anti-glare optical coating, battery life of 7 days, plus all the functions, GPS, etc.

For more information, take a look at

Apple iWatch?

Apple has been very quiet on the smart watch front, but this has not stopped the rumors going into overdrive.

The rumors include that there is currently a 100 strong development team working on the watch, but until Apple actually makes a statement, we are unlikely to ever know for sure. Apple are masters at keeping this kind of information top secret until its release date.

Google Smart Watch?

The rumors for Google’s Smart Watch has gone very quiet since the release of Google Glass. Maybe they see the future of wearable technology being on your head rather than on your wrist!

Microsoft’s Smart Watch

It is well known that Microsoft has been working on a smart watch, but again nothing has materialized.

Apparently, the Xbox team were originally working on a device, but it has now switched over to the Surface Team, so is it going to be a Surface Watch?

Looking at how the Surface Tablet has performed, I wouldn’t hold my breath.


The market has been awash with rumors on smart watches for some time. However nothing has been released that has been so revolutionary that it has changed the market or people’s perceptions of watches. Maybe Apple will be able to do this like they did with the revolutionary iPhone?

In all honesty, I cannot see how a watch could contain everything you need, smart phones are getting bigger rather than smaller, so not sure what can be achieved without a “brick” on your wrist. Remember my blog post “it’s not a mobile phone” ?