Make the most out of Sales and Marketing events

Last Wednesday I attended the Smarter Business Tech Live event with one of our company directors, Peter. It’s

Last Wednesday I attended the Smarter Business Tech Live event with one of our company directors, Peter. It’s a two day exhibition where businesses all over Manchester can advertise their business through hub stands and speaking to the attendees. While many people had stands others had a stage where they presented their life experience, advice and guidance on how to become more successful in the sales and marketing field.

I haven’t ever been to any of these events before so I found it really interesting to see what the whole networking thing is all about. As a Level 4 apprentice, I haven’t really had the opportunity because it’s only my second year in Marketing. Now that I have been to one of the events I can start to take part in and attend other exhibitions round Greater Manchester. Who knew that events like this could be more helpful than what you think?!

Networking is completely new to me!

Like I said, I am currently in my second year of Marketing so networking is completely new to me. You kind of think, oh gosh how do you do it? What do you talk about? Who do you talk to? In all fairness it’s just like talking to someone in a club or at a bar (you just don’t ask what they’re drinking or if they’re having a good night). You can always ask how they’re finding the event and then slide in with ‘What’s your role in business?’ unless they have it clearly stated on their lanyard.

People seem to think I’m quite a confident person, which I am when I get talking to people because I get comfy. What I do struggle with is starting a conversation, it’s like a complete mental block for me because I get quite nervous on knowing how to start a conversation. It takes practice but I’m slowly getting there. By the end of my apprenticeship I’ll be the communication queen! (possibly).

My favourite speakers

Sam Jones @ TunaFish Media 


Sam was one of my favorite speakers as he was laid back and completely engaged with us all. He also made me laugh which is definitely signs of a good presenter! Sam spoke about how he was a college raver and spent all his money, and then one day he and his best friend set up TunaFish media on hardly any money. Despite only having income from a bar job he worked effortlessly during the day to start to grow the business and then worked behind the bar in the evenings. In the end it’s definitely paid off as they are a successful media company based in Manchester.

He also questioned whether dogs should be in the office and for me, I personally think most definitely! If you’re stressed out, just have a cuddle with the dog! It’s not as though cuddling another colleague will chill you out is it?

Neil Simpson 


Neil certainly was a character as he discussed how to use LinkedIn for business and how to generate hot leads through the platform. I am a LinkedIn user (connect with me…I don’t bite!) and I like to see how others use it for business or just in a personal way. It’s an interesting platform to use, but I couldn’t quite understand how to use it for business.

After some note taking and listening I found it a little easier to understand how it is done and hopefully this is something I can definitely start to build up on as a new kind of marketing.

See you next year?

I personally feel it is a great event to attend as you can listen to some inspiring and motivating speakers, whilst learning on the go. There may be certain things you had absolutely no idea about which can come in handy.

You can keep up to date on their website with their events next year. Maybe we’ll see you there?