Smartphone tips and tricks

People love it when they can impress someone with something on their phone. You can do it too

People love it when they can impress someone with something on their phone. You can do it too now with these handy tips and tricks with your smartphone!

There’s hidden shortcuts, features and much more that you can do to make yourself look like a smart phone wizard. So here are some tips that can help you get your friends saying WOW.

Identify your songs instantly

There’s apps you can download which you can use to find out what a song is called. Say if there was a song on the radio that you and your friend just can’t remember what the song is called or who it is by, just open one of the apps (Soundhound) and just let it listen and bring up the result. It’s pretty cool and it won’t bug you for the rest of the day try to remember!


Turn Wi-Fi off with your voice

Voice commands and voice control is the in thing these days. With technological assistants becoming more popular you can control different things with your voice. You can turn your Wi-Fi off your phone using Siri. Bet you did’t know that! All you need to do is say the command to turn your Wi-Fi off and Siri will do so. It’s amazing the sort of things you can do with your smartphones.


Change your keyboard (Anroids and iOS)

More functionalities are coming in to play with smartphones, and now you can change your keyboard style on an Android and iOS as a third-party keyboard. It will have extra emojis on and you can apply network processing power to the auto correction feature.

Where battery power is going

‘Why is my battery draining so quickly?!’ You now have the answer to that question. If you go in ‘settings’ and then ‘battery’ you will then find out what percentage of your battery is being used on the most and how long you’re on the app for that drains your battery.

Some people are completely unaware of this which is why they question it, but now you can show them and they’ll be amazed!


Using airplane mode to speed up charging time

Putting your phone on airplane mode can actually charge up quicker because there is no data coming through. Airplane mode shuts off all communication and activity, so it makes sense that it would charge quicker if there’s no activity coming through as it isn’t being disrupted.

You can make an experiment out of it, when you and your friend or family member are out of battery, put your phones on charge and one person put their airplane mode on and the other keep it on normal and see which charges quicker.


Fall asleep to your music

People like to listen to their music before bed or some sort of relaxation music to help them get a good night sleep. But that means if you do, your music will be playing all night draining your battery…not any more! You can set timers to switch off your mobile automatically which will instantly help you save your battery.

You just need to go in to your clock app and set a countdown timer, then you can set the time you want your phone to shut off at.

Once you’ve worked our all the tips and tricks, you will be like a technology smartphone guru and people will be amazed at what you teach them. There are lots of different tips for Android and iOS that you can read up on. You can view more of them here.