What SMEs need to know about Cyber Essentials

Cyber crime is continuously rising and businesses are urged more and more to take action and protect their

Cyber Attacks are on the rise and although you with this larger organizations are the target they’re not. Any business is a target, especially those that are flagged up as vulnerable. It is essential and we recommend you take a look at your security structure and see how protected you are. In our blog today we will be discussing why it’s important for SMEs to know and learn about Cyber Essentials.

An attack could happen at any time


Nobody knows when the next cyber attack will happen and there are no signs until it’s too late. Those who lack the knowledge in the cyber security department are most at risk because the majority of cyber attacks are discrete and go unnoticed. This could be anything from a link to a pop up that looks completely normal when it’s an attack that could cause major disruption.

Once that authority has been given to the operating system, this can be spread throughout to other devices via emails, hard drives etc. It could be the start of the end for your business. 

You need an action plan


If an attack happens you need to know exactly what to do and who to report it to. Without a plan the more time it will take to act and the more damage can be done. In a plan you need to establish who to report the incident to, signs to look out for an what immediate action you must take. 

You need to act now


Someone could be making an attempt to hack your PC right now. If you don’t act as soon as possible, you’re giving the hacker more chances than what they need to get in to your operating system. 

You can protect your systems by getting software installed on to your PC and server to help aid your security. There is also however Cyber Essentials.

What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials is government backed scheme that certifies businesses in becoming prepared for Cyber Security. We work with the governing body IASME to help you along the way. 

Our 5 step process is simple and quick. All you need to do is fill out your details below and get in touch to find out more. 


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