Snapchat add new location tracking feature!

There’s been location tracker on Facebook, smartphones and now Snapchat. People are getting increasingly concerned about the level

There’s been location tracker on Facebook, smartphones and now Snapchat. People are getting increasingly concerned about the level of safety and privacy they have whilst using mobile devices and social media. You can track the exact location of your friends, showing the exact street name and building or location that they are at. Our blog today will be all about the update and all the features you need to know about it.

How does it work?

Snapchat can now provide you with a map and show the location of all your friends in real time mode. It’s designed to allow a user to see who is close by in case they want to arrange a meet up with someone. It’s almost the same as Facebook’s location tracker but it’s more visual than that.


In case some of you didn’t know, you can create your own ‘Bitmoji’ which is a cartoon character of yourself. It will show the Bitmoji of your friends on the map so then you know exactly who is close by without even needing to click on the character to find out who it is. Snapchat have said that they came up with this new feature to ‘explore the world and find your friends’. Although it’s a great idea, how safe is it? – on to our next point!



How safe is it?

Depending on who you have on your contacts, it’s more than likely to be safe. With so many younger children on Snapchat, they are more inclined to accept anyone that adds them whether they know them or not. This is where it isn’t safe.

Imagine they have contacts who they didn’t even know and they ended up receiving a message asking them to meet up before they’re close by? Would you let them? Of course not! This is where the new feature advertises the dangers of tracking people on social media and it’s not good at all.

There is a way to stop this which is turning your location on to ghost mode. If your setting is switched to this, nobody can see your location only you. There is also a setting you can select which is the ‘Custom’ mode. This is where you can select who can see your location on your friends list which can prevent any strangers they have as their contacts stalking them.

How to switch off your location

To switch off your location tracking on Snapchat, all you need to do is go to the ‘Settings’ on the home screen (indicated by a cog), go down to ‘See my location’ and then enable ‘Ghost mode’. By turning it to Ghost mode nobody will be able to track your location only you.


Privacy on social media is becoming more exploited and it can often make people feel as though they’re being stalked. However, the benefits of these kind of features is that it allows you to disable and turn off your location so it gives you the opportunity to share or hide your location. It can often be tempting to see who is around you, but it can also provide dangers to yourself if you connect with people you do not know. Do you think the new Snapchat feature is great or not?