Snapchat’s latest updates!

Snapchat have rolled out their latest update - with new features enabled, you can now hold group video

We all love to have a natter with each other on Snapchat but it gets complicated when you’re in a group chat but want to physically talk to the whole group together. Well, now you can as the social giant has enabled the feature of group call and mentions in a persons Snapchat. 

Group calling

First there was group chats and now you can video call one another as a group, so everyone gets involved in the latest gossip! They always say that emotions are better read when you see their face, so if you can’t wait to fill people in until the next day, just get them all in a video call. 

All you need to do is start a group chat like you would do normally, but this time you have the option to video call by simply pressing the video recorder button. When you do this it will notify everyone in the chat that you are trying to group call and all they have to do is accept. 


Snapchat mentions

You can also now tag your Snapchat friends in your photos that you post to your story. The best part is that if someone wants to know more about the person tagged in the story they can swipe up.

Once you have tagged your friend then they will receive a notification which they can then view. 

These updates will be coming out in the next few weeks, so keep your eye out on the app store for an update!


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