What would the World be like if Social Media didn’t exist?

Social Media is dominating the world. What would happen if Social media didn't exist at all? Would the

Social Media has dominated the world and social platforms in a constant battle with each other to gain more users and to come out on top as number one. We remember those days where playing out on the street in the sunshine was the norm and we were forced to come inside from play. Instead, we bet that you’re finding it difficult to get your children outside to play in the sun as they’re preoccupied with their gadgets. Some of us would often wonder what the world would be like if Social Media didn’t exist.

Meet ups

Most importantly, we would be making the effort to go and have a catch up with someone. Rather than staying inside scrolling all day, without social media you would be more inclined to go out and socialize.

If anyone knows what it’s like to have a conversation with someone saying you’ll meet up soon but that meet up never happens, then it may be time to start thinking “am I spending too much time on social media?”.


Less dependent on mobile devices


Children, teenagers and adults are becoming more reliant on mobile devices and technology. Without them, we would be more engaging with others and less dependent on the devices and gadgets. How many children do you see

playing out on the street as a comparison of what there used to be when there were less technologies about? How often do you see others engaging in conversation on your daily travels? Have you ever witnessed people leaving their phones in their pockets/bags when in company? 

If you’re still sat there thinking, then it might be time to start making a change…

Could reduce online bullying

Over the past few years, social media has been a primary platform for bullying and trolling. Regardless if a user knew the person that was targeting them, it has led to mental health issues in others. If your children are unaware of the bullying and trolling risks, it would be ideal to sit down and discuss the importance of staying safe online. If social media could be removed completely, we are confident that a lot of people would be in favor


of this, but due to the constant growth and development of social platforms, this is something that will not just fade out in a few years time. 



Social media these days is amazing for making connections. Not only for business use, but for personal use (i.e. getting in touch with relatives in other countries). As the tech world has evolved, more and more businesses are becoming active digitally. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other profile all businesses are making connections and building a following online.

Sometimes social media isn’t always a bad thing as it gives a business a primary opportunity to take advantage and target their audience on a popular platform. If social media didn’t exist we would be using the standard methods of generating business (i.e. leaflets, door-to-door marketing and sales etc.). 

Fame and fortune

Surprisingly people make a lot of money through social media by becoming brand ambassadors or social influences. This is commonly through Instagram or Twitter; reality TV stars and celebrities often start through becoming a social influence to others which therefore gives other businesses a primary opportunity. A company may offer them a promo code, money or other incentives for them to promote their products on social media which can help boost sales. 


f someone follows a well known celebrity and views their posts promoting a product, they are more inclined to try it because this influence is promoting the product. It works in strange ways but it does work.

This is one way that social media is a benefit to others, so without any social platform these people and businesses would have to look elsewhere for either work or selling their products. 

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