What Social Media suites Marketing for 2018?

Obviously trends are constantly emerging and the way we market is constantly changing. It’s changing that much you

Obviously trends are constantly emerging and the way we market is constantly changing. It’s changing that much you can often lose track and see where is best to marketing yourself and build up your brand. Don’t worry, keep reading and you’ll understand everything you need to know!


Paid ads

Organic marketing can work if you’re a large company but nowadays large or small every business should be using paid ads. All you need is to assess your budget and get those campaigns going! You will reach a wider audience and they are often successful!



This can be a tricky platform to market on because you’re trying to direct your audience to like and follow your page. Whoever doesn’t like your page won’t see your content which is why the content needs to be shareable!

The tip here is to get your friends and family to share the content so it reaches a wider audience. The industry of business also counts as a factor because people aren’t going to share content if it’s boring! Take UniLad for example, they’re a company that get people to send in videos whether they’re funny or inspirational and because of the entertainment factor people share them and tag their friends in the comments – they’re a huge success.

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Twitter has a large presence for businesses, personal profiles and business profiles. There’s opportunities here to build up your following massively and hopefully directing people to your website.

The trick is to follow your target audience, make tweets relevant to business, the industry, latest trends etc. It’s all about keeping up that communication with people which means get involved in discussions, debates, anything you can see where you want to engage.

People just switch off when they see you hard selling, it’s all about the technique. Don’t sell straight to them, just occasionally post content that could make them see why they need your product without actually saying those words.

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Marketing on LinkedIn can be average depending on your business. If you’re a recruitment firm that are marketing to advertise roles then this is the perfect platform for you. The thing is, people get so sick of seeing so much selling on their timeline, but with a business networking platform it’s a way to connect and build professional relationships with each other.

You never know, you could end up with new customers from it.

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This is a platform that should only be used to market when you have something physically to show off such as clothing jewelry etc. You don’t want to waste your efforts marketing on a platform that isn’t suited to your product/service.