Is social media good or bad?

Some say that they ‘don’t do’ social media, because it can become addictive and there’s dangers of being

Some say that they ‘don’t do’ social media, because it can become addictive and there’s dangers of being on it. But in terms of business profiling, it is one of the best things you could ever do.

Why social media?

For those who aren’t a social networking fanatic, they tend to ask why you’re on social media. Obviously back in the day it was all about leaflets and flyers etc. and there’s still no error in doing that, however to market your business successfully, you must be on social media platforms.

Put it this way, there are 3 million internet users and over 2 million of them have active social media accounts. Social media is the new ‘flyer’ it’s all digital now!

Here are a few reasons why you need to be on social media platforms!

Build an online presence

So you want to build your business, but flyers, leaflets, newspaper articles aren’t doing it justice. How are people outside your area you know exist? Social media that’s how! It is a great thing to have to build a presence online as well as having an offline presence. More people are on social media and you have better chance of getting out there online than what you do with anything else. Make yourself known, connect with others, have conversations with them just do anything to make yourself known (but only in a good light not a bad one).

Building connections

Making friends with strangers online isn’t such a bad thing IF it’s to do with business and promotion purposes. It gives you a chance to connect and build connections with others that aren’t in your area. For example, if you’re a company that provides international services, making connections outside your country can get your company profile in another country by connecting.

Increase customer loyalty

Your clients and customers will be on social media and they can often turn to you for support, advice etc. through these platforms. Contacting them and conversing with them via social media not only helps them, it helps you at the same time because you’re showing to the public that you have good customer loyalty and you have their best intentions at heart.

Sales and marketing come as a pair

The use of social media can help generate leads online which can turn in to potential sales. How many of you purchase something online because it has been advertised through a campaign? I can tell you now that the majority of you have! The first stage is the marketing and then it is followed by sales. Marketing online can help grow your business better than anything else.

Competition analysis

Your competition will definitely be online so it opens up an opportunity to see what you are up against. You can view how many followers and connections they have so in a way you can connect with their connections. You can also view their content and see how well it does to see if you can do something similar or if you think a different approach may be applicable.

The best social media platforms

Twitter – the most common platform for social networking. It can be casual chat but it can also be business chat. There’s a lot of grouping that is done on Twitter (e.g. UKBusinessLunch which is 12pm until 1pm) – they’re great for networking.

Facebook – it’s a good platform to be on, but it is harder to get the message across to others. You will need people to like, share and spread the word which can be done on Twitter,  Facebook friends and family etc.

LinkedIn – this is the best platform for an individual profile. Although you can create company pages, having your own individual online profile is the main key. You can promote your company through your profile, and build connections with customers, potential customers, and your audience.