Different social media platforms

If you’re not a social networking guru and you have no idea or very little ideas of what

If you’re not a social networking guru and you have no idea or very little ideas of what social media platforms to use for your business, then this blog is most definitely for you. If you’re all clued up on social media, keep reading anyway and let us know your thoughts?

Being in a business, there’s always a need for social media presence regardless of what kind of company you are. Your aim to make profit and that’s by having clients. There’s no better way than getting yourself out there via social media. Our blog today will give you some ideas for which social media platforms to use for what content.


The main platform that is used is Twitter. It’s used for all sorts of activity such as promoting, marketing, socializing etc. It’s a good way to build up your presence and brand awareness. You can socialise with other businesses on lunch time chats or evening chats.

People tend to post a lot of business news as well because it can get the word of news out there and it can also generate a conversation with other people and businesses. We post a lot of news content related to technology and business. You can analyse who your audience and followers are by looking at the insights which can give you ideas on content posting.

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Facebook is also a similar platform to Twitter. The only difference is that not as many businesses use it as much as Twitter. When you post, only the people who like your page can view your posts unless they share it with their friends. Whereas on Twitter anyone can see your tweets if your profile is on public.

It is quite hard to get people on Facebook to interact with your posts, which is why you need to make your content really engaging and making people want to react to it. When you put a reasonable amount of time and effort in to it, then it can pay off.

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This is a platform that is more for businesslike elements. You can either create your own individual page, or you can create a company page. This is a great place for building contacts and customers.

It’s great to have all your staff members on LinkedIn because it’s a good place for people to see who they are and what skills and abilities they have in their experience. People don’t warm to casual and informal content on there as it’s purpose is for business networking.

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Not all businesses use this platform but it can be a really good one if you have a clothing line or something you can visually show off. You can take videos and pictures then upload them to your page using a range of hashtags which can let people view your profile.

It can be a great way to promote your business if you was in the fashion industry because lots of people use instagram as either a food posting site, memory posting or fashion posting which is ideal for you to have if these are your target audiences.



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