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Software Development movement – align it with your business

Software Development movement is happening and your business needs to review how your software can improve or reduce

Software Development is becoming increasingly popular in a business for many reasons and benefits. One question that a lot of business owners will ask themselves is that will it be necessary for them to invest in either off the shelf or on the shelf software. With more functionalities, skills and technology becoming increasingly developed and available it would be something to consider. 

Of course your current resources and internal procedures are important, but what if there could be something to help you along the way? What if it’s something you have never even thought of before? The beauty of having such skilled developers in the industry means that they see a problem and can instantly come up with a software to resolve it. Moreover so, it doesn’t have to be a problem as such, just something that could simplify and make it easier for the organisation. 

Even for a small business Software Development can come in use. It does not matter on the size of the business because each individual organisation has a specific way of working and there are developments that could potentially be made through software development. 

Our blog today covers how businesses can move forward with the development of software and why and when you should move forward with it. 

Make it your own

Firstly, not all Bespoke Software will be unique to you as many other businesses may utilise it. For instance, integrating Sage with Magento Software is a form of software that is specially designed by skilled developers but it can be used in many businesses that use Magento platforms. However, you have your own internal processes which is where your unique opportunities come in. 

You may have a procedure in which you manually do tasks that takes up so much of your time and requires lots of admin, even double entry at times. Software Developers can easily come up with software and IVR technology to help reduce this and make it easier for your business to handle. Of course as a larger organisation it can be difficult to manage your employees efficiently with a manual process, but once the unique piece of software is designed for you everything will change. 

It makes it your own piece of software that is customised and personal to you which is extremely positive in many aspects. 

Stay ahead of your competitors

A business whose process is completely admin based will take up lots of their time and can often delay other tasks being completed. With a software that automatically does whatever you need it to so the admin can be removed your free time can be dedicated to generating business. This means you are therefore ahead of your competitors because you have this unique system in place. 

The Internet of Things is being encouraged to implement in to businesses as it makes processes and access much easier. It uses wireless communications to transmit data from any device. It makes data entry easier and can make a huge difference to a business.

In business, you have always got to try and stay ahead, so if this means getting a software completely bespoke to your business to enhance and streamline your company procedures and processes then it is definitely worth looking in to. 

Improving relationships and communications

With on the shelf software, it’s designed to be on size fits all as they say. It’s more often than not cheaper for your business but it isn’t the most efficient. This means that you are prone for software updates, maintenance work and errors with the whole package. It can sometimes disrupt employee productivity and leave you catching up and falling behind.  

Bespoke software however can have a positive impact. The only thing to say is that it is a little more pricey than your typical on the shelf software, but it will perform much better and it avoids any updates or problems with the entire software. Also, for example with on the shelf software, you will need to speak with someone directly from that business which could result in you waiting a long time to be spoken to. Whereas, with bespoke software, the business who designs it for you will be there almost immediately to answer an questions or fix minor errors in the system for you. 

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