Sony Ericsson LiveView

I bought this item a month or so ago due to seeing it on eBay at a really

I bought this item a month or so ago due to seeing it on eBay at a really low price. The buzzwords ‘Android’, ‘Watch’ and ‘Live Display’ really got my attention.

The item was on sale for around £20 so I thought I’d have a look.

So What Is It?

Essentially it is an extended screen for your handset which uses Bluetooth to connect. The watch displays notifications from your handset such as text, email, call logs and the time (would not be much of a watch without that!) and any capable app you have installed. The initial set up and sync was a little fiddly, having to read the instructions more than once to complete it.

Using The LiveView

Once set up and synced, the watch is quite a nifty bit of kit, a short vibration notifies you of any event you have registered for. This is particularly useful if you wish to check your phone discreetly, whilst in a busy area or if like me, you have your handset tucked away when out walking.

In addition to this, the watch can also be used as a media controller for your default media player. I use Spotify and it even works with that. The touch screen allows next / previous track, volume up and down and pause. If a call is received during listening to music the track is paused to allow the call, music continues once the call is over.

The watch itself is not at all attractive, a functional bit of kit it is, pretty it is not. The watch face can be removed from the Velcro strap and attached to a clip for use on clothing, the build quality of these items is very good and I am confident the watch face will not be knocked off during use.


Once up and running, the watch is very nice to use, it could be a bit fiddly for those with larger fingers or the less dexterous. The price was very good and the ease of use for checking my handset’s status is a big bonus. I don’t think I would upgrade to the second version though, it does have many more features but as usual the price tag to go with it.