Spam Email Alert – please be aware of the latest scam…

Spam emails are more common than ever, especially in a business. Heimdal have released some important information on


Spam email alert!
Heimdal Security have recently discovered a wave of spam emails pretending to be It contains a ransomware virus and will be installed on your PC if you open the email and click run. 
If you receive this email, please delete the email straight away and do not open any attachments in the email. 

We say goodbye to Pauline 
Pauline said goodbye to Aspect IT yesterday as she retires from her account duties! We celebrated her retirement with a lovely staff meal!

Our new Account Manager, Lisa Fish, will be starting on Tuesday 2 July 2019.


IT Support Helpdesk
To make sure all calls are answered by the helpdesk, please dial0161 713 0254. You will be put straight through to tech support rather than going through our Digital Receptionist.

For any other queries, please contact 0161 241 9050 and your call will be directed to the appropriate person.

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