How does a spam filter work in emails?

Receiving junk mail via your inbox can be a real pain and consequently can cause problems if not

There’s nothing more frustrating than a bunch of emails landing in your inbox that are nonsense, suspicious and junk. As a result you close your inbox and carry on with your business but an important email comes in and you completely miss it above all the junk that’s incoming too. If only there was a solution…

…of course there is – you wouldn’t be reading this blog otherwise! A spam filter is the answer to all your problems and especially with Microsoft Office 365, it’s the perfect combination. Spam filters assist you in sectioning legitimate emails to spam emails (hence the name). Today’s blog will highlight the problems that people have on a day-to-day basis and what the purpose of a spam filter is. 

What a spam filter is...


A spam filter is a virtual filter that helps separate spam, junk, malicious and suspicious emails from those that are legitimate. It’s like having your own virtual assistant to help minimize the hassle of deleted junk and falling victim to spam. As a result, it leaves you feeling less stressed and worried about getting caught up with emails and concentrating on the emails that matter. 

It works by sending filtering your email to a quarantine area which is a report that is sent to you weekly, summarizing the potential junk you could have received in your inbox. Additionally, it then gives you the option to white list specific emails or delete them completely. 

White listing: Approving the sender and allowing the emails to come straight through to your inbox rather than sending them to quarantine. 

What sort of emails could be filtered out


There are many different types of emails that can be filtered out in to your spam filter quarantine. However, it can often separate legitimate emails which is why you need to check just in case you are waiting on an important email. Above all, it will filter out the suspicious and strange emails which therefore means it’s doing the job correctly. 

It can filter out different kinds of emails:

  • Spam

Emails that you receive far too often. Will allow more email space and less frustration with too many of these incoming emails. 

  • Junk

The filter recognizes your email patterns and will filter out any emails you often receive and do not tend to open or read through.

  • Spyware and Phishing 

These emails could contain links/attachments which could be deemed unsafe and suspicious. 

  • Legitimate

 Emails that are legitimate i.e. newsletters, conversations between others etc. These can just be selected to be white listed once you receive your report.  

Stop spam to your inbox


Further to everything about spam, protecting your email system is the way forward. If you receive lots of emails per day with many being spam, the headache will soon disappear once the filter takes over. Depending on your requirements and email system, we can recommend several products to you. Therefore, by assessing what sort of spam and junk you receive we can go off that. 

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