Spotify Premium Review

Introduction Spotify Premium is an online subscription service that allows you to listen to any music whenever you


Spotify Premium is an online subscription service that allows you to listen to any music whenever you like by using Spotify’s online web site, desktop application, or an app on your mobile/iPad/tablet.

The free version of Spotify has its limitations and adverts.  This didn’t interest me so I opted to try the premium version at £9.99 per month.  I wanted to be able to listen to Spotify on my mobile even when I didn’t have a connection to the Internet and Premium provides this service.

There are free trials for the premium version, so it’s worth trying it out first and comparing the different packages available to see what suits you.

The Devices

I initially signed up and downloaded the desktop application. This was simple and I could immediatley start listening to music, creating playlists and organising favourites.  I also installed this on my work PC; it is a small application to download and is quick to install.

I then installed the app on my iPhone and iPod and this worked great.  Whatever playlists I had created on my PC were sync’ed straight to my iPhone or iPod via the Internet.

Next was the iPad; even better!  A recent update of the iPad really improves the experience.

What is great is that if I create a playlist on one device, it is auto-synced to all other devices.

You can also install Spotify on as many PC’s, Laptops, mobiles or tablets as you like.

Offline Files

The offline files feature works great and was my reason for getting Premium.  It allows you to listen to your playlists when you are not connected to the Internet.  This is especially useful for your iPod, iPad, iPhone or mobile device!

To do this:

  1. Create a playlist on any device.
  2. Ensure the device you want to work offline is connected to Wi-Fi.
  3. Open the playlist on your device and select “Offline”.
  4. This will then download the music to your device.
  5. You’re ready to go!

It’s best to use Wi-Fi to save on your 3G data allowance, and it’s quicker to download!

The Clever Bit

What you have to remember is that Spotify is actually set up “in the cloud”.  It keeps all your devices in sync via the Internet.

A good example of how this works is as follows:

  1. I use my PC to create playlists, because it’s less fiddly than on my mobile.
  2. I then connect my mobile to Wi-Fi, open Spotify, and the new playlist is there.
  3. I set the playlist to be offline and it downloads the songs.
  4. I can then list to the music on my mobile in the car.

In addition, if I then turn on my iPad, the same playlists are shown, but not offline as it was only set offline on my mobile.  I can also make it offline on my iPad if I wanted to.

In conclusion, it works very nicely indeed.

The Caveats

There are a few limitations to your subscriptions;

  1. Not all music is available, there were a few bands and albums that I wanted but they but were not there.
  2. You can have offline files on only 3 devices.
  3. You cannot listen to music on more than one device at a time.
    For example, I could not share my login details with someone else, like a family member.   Spotify pops up a message if you log in more than once.
    You can only listen on multiple devices if they are not connected to the Internet and in offline mode.
  4. You do not own the music, if you cancel the subscription, all the music disappears.

Smart TV’s and Media Streamers

Spotify Premium is available on most Smart TV’s and Media Streamers.  Tried it on a Boxee Box Media Streamer and it works great, although my TV speakers leave a lot to be desiered!  However, check your devices as it doesn’t work on everything, be warned.


Spotify Premium works great for me.  I use it online, offline, stream it through my TV, iPad.  Premium isn’t for everybody but there are a range of packages that would suit most people.

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