How to tackle Twitter abuse

We have recently published a blog to say that Twitter are now doing more to tackle online trolls,

We have recently published a blog to say that Twitter are now doing more to tackle online trolls, but what should you do to shut out the haters if you become a subject to abuse? We’re here to help and make you aware of what you should do if you receive abuse on Twitter and any other social media platform.

Rules, terms and conditions

When you have a website, you always need some form of terms and conditions, but with social media platforms, they need rules because it’s a worldwide network that many people are on and they have a duty of care to protect people from online abuse and any other awful activity.

In their terms and conditions, they state when to report someone and what sort of action can be taken against them.

What sort of activity do Twitter block?

Twitter will take action against these specific types of hate:

  • Accounts whose primary purpose is to harass people online
  • Threatening behavior
  • Behavior that influences others to harass
  • Those who harass people from more than one account

When to report an account for harassment

In all honesty it depends on the person who is being harassed. Without sounding too glum on the topic some people can just learn to ignore it and not bother to do anything about it, whereas others are more sensitive. You can either mute someone so that you don’t see what they post to you, or you can block them completely which is probably the best option.

If you feel the person who is harassing you is causing too much damage to you or you feel the need to make Twitter staff clear as to what they’re doing, then you can report them and it will ask you to state why you’re reporting them. Once you have made the full report, Twitter staff will then be made aware of the account you reported and they will investigate and take the appropriate action against them.

You can also filter your notifications and alter your privacy settings so that people will have to request to follow you and direct message you. It’s a more safer way than having all your information on public and anyone allowing to contact you. Nobody really knows why people feel the need to harass others but only them but we do know that you have the power to take action against them. Nobody should have to be harassed in any shape or form and we would strongly advise that you report the accounts and get them shut down before they get to someone else.