It’s Techies Day! Meet our helpdesk support team!

It's Techies day today, so we want to introduce you to the guys that help you out with

Techies Day is all about giving credit to the techies that sort out all your computer issues from the simple things to the more complex issues. Where would you all be without the years of knowledge and experience our guys give you? Your problem would still be there now! 

To celebrate, we give you a little insight about our techies on the helpdesk, what they like to get up to when they’re not elbow deep in computer problems and some little insights about them you may not have known! 

Layton Stocks

Layton is a CISCO Certified Network associate, so he deals with more of the major networking issues that you may encounter. He has always had an interest in crazy technology!

He loves to travel to different places of the world, including Canada where he likes to visit his best friends and going on road trips around the country – if you like scenic routes then Canada is the place to go. If you don’t find him in Canada you will usually find him in Malta spending time with his family or

having a coffee in the capital, Valletta. If you happen to speak to Layton he’s usually had about five coffees before 10am! 

Guy Griffiths

Our helpdesk technician Guy has only been with us a couple of months and he most certainly has settled in! We’ve got our very own DJ in the house as Guy is originally from South Africa and spent his time being a Radio and Night Club DJ for many years. If he ever comes to visit you on site, why not ask him to give you a bit of a demo?! 

He then became interested in Website Design and developed a love for IT through there. He also has a very keen interest in 3D modelling and animation. 

When Guy hasn’t got his head down in IT, he loves to game and fly radio controlled airplanes and helicopters! – watch out for Guy as you may end up flying in to him…

Luke Robinson

Luke’s role on the helpdesk is to answer your phone calls and help you out with minor errors and fix your PCs in our workshop – He can even build you a PC from scratch.

He also loves to game online, but before that he used to play football for Rochdale youth team as a goalkeeper. If you haven’t seen our live stream of our charity football match, you can see him in action on our Facebook and Twitter page!

When Luke was in his younger youth, he loved to go paint-balling with his uncle every single weekend. 

We are only based in Manchester!

We are a Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire based IT Support company who make it our mission to resolve you IT and Network issues as quickly as possible with the best outcome. Our team takes on projects within your business so you can be up to date with the latest software, hardware and technology giving you maximum productivity. If you need our help from any of these guys right here then you can give us a call on 0161 241 9050 or alternatively fill in your details below for a call back!



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