Preparing your business’ technology for the holiday season

Holiday day season is here, and it can often be busier than usual depending on what you business

Holiday day season is here, and it can often be busier than usual depending on what you business is. Keeping your technology up to date on your PC is essential, but there’s a time to do it. Today’s blog will give you some tips on how to prepare your business’ technology for the busy holiday season.

Update your programs and software

You often have regular updates that are pending, but you dismiss them if you’re in the middle of a task and then you just casually forget about it. Our advice would be is to make sure that you prepare all your updates before the busy period starts as it can slow down processes.


If you’re dealing with customers and you need access to certain programs, lack of updates will slow it down and your PC as well. Keeping them up to date with the latest version will reduce the loading time, and you can assist your customers without having to use the phrase ‘Sorry, my PC is running quite slow today’.

Prepare your website

If you sell products or services online that relate to a public holiday such as Christmas or shopping bargain days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, then this is the most essential part you need to take note of. Making sure that your website can hold hundreds maybe thousands of visitors at a time is extremely important. You want to get business and reel in profit, and what a perfect opportunity to do this with busy events.

Make sure that your servers are updated, if necessary purchase more server data temporarily or another server. When too many people try to visit your website at once, your server cannot take and process all the information at once so it can crash, leaving consumers unable to access and purchase products on your website. This can cost you business at peak times, so it would be wise to make sure these preparations are in place BEFORE the busy period starts.


Update and get more cyber security measures in place

As if there isn’t enough hacking going on already! Cyber criminals will stop at nothing to try and can bank card details from your website, and what makes them more determined is a busy website with lots of credit card details being put in to your site each second. You should always have anti-virus and anti-ransom packages installed on your PC as it is, but if you don’t then you certainly need to do it before the busy season starts!


Aspect IT all anti-virus and Heimdal (anti-ransom) packages. If you would like some more information regarding these packages, please contact our office on 0161 241 9050. Heimdal is designed to protect your PC but focus mainly on stopping cyber criminals holding your data at ransom.

Make sure a back up plan is in place

If you’re under the illusion that once everything is in place everything will be hunky dory, I’m sorry to say but you’re wrong. Sometimes everything can go to plan, but there are occasions where there can be an unexpected error or glitch that can pop up and prevent people form accessing certain areas on your website.

Every plan and process should always (and I must stress the word ‘always’) have a back up plan. You are more likely to resolve your issue by having an alternative solution because then you can just think ‘Right so this has happened, we can just do this instead’ or ‘this will amend it’. Once your plan and back up plan is in place, things should run more smoothly if you encounter and error during the busy period. Plus, it saves you the stress of coming up with a fast solution, because it’s already there!