Technologies that won’t ever happen

There's so many different gadgets seen in films that you wish could be a reality but sadly aren't.

When we watch films and listen to what predictions there are on technology, we always think if only! Whether it’s a flying car or some form of gadget that does anything and everything for you unfortunately not all of them will happen. In our blog we’ve got a list of technologies that aren’t just going to happen. Just going to warn you now, it may crush your dreams!  


As much as this pains me to say it jet packs for everyone is completely off the menu for the future. They’re too dangerous for any business to want to take on. They do exist already but only for either stunt people or those who desperately want to experience flight mode by making their own. 

It seems like a cool gadget to have but when you need full and total control it could possibly leave you in a hospital bed with a head-to-toe cast on. 



To all you Star Wars fans out there, you definitely can’t call yourself a fan if you haven’t wanted to own a light saber. A group of students analysed how it can be done and it turns out it literally cannot be done at all. Without being completely scientific and keeping this post strictly on technology it has something to do with light molecules and mass which causes the saber to react.

I suppose the closest you can get is the toy shop!

Shrink Rays

If you’re a massive despicable me fan like me, the shrink ray is the all time top gadget! If you wanted to shrink something in your pocket that would be no problem, but there is slightly one problem…it doesn’t exist and never will. 

The science behind it is that atoms cannot shrink which makes it impossible to invent something that makes it happen. Unless atoms decided in years time that they want to shrink then it’s probably possible!

Hoverboards that hover

This is probably going to be one of the most heartbreaking ones for those Back to the Future fans. Everyone wants to be Marty McFly where he goes around on a hoverboard. Sadly, the hoverboard isn’t going to happen. We have the ones with wheels, but a levitating version? We can only dream!

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