The Best Camping Gadgets

As we approach the UK's summer season and lockdown restrictions ease, people will be hoping to venture into

As the UK’s COVID-19 lockdown restrictions ease, we will all be tempted to start holidaying again and get away from home. People may initially feel cautious about travelling abroad and so holidaying in the UK may be their preferred option this year. In this month’s blog, we find the best and latest camping gadgets. As a tech company, we are always interested in gadgets and take them wherever we go and camping is no exception.

Solar power bank

You may be going camping but if you’re like us, you’ll still be taking your tech gadgets so you’ll need power. The type of power bank you need will depend on what gadgets you’re taking and how many. The Soluser Solar Charger Portable Phone Charger is perfect for small devices. You’ll need to fully charge this device before venturing out because, as we all know, the British sumertime doesn’t last long.


Portable espresso machine

This nifty gadget could be a necessity if you cannot live without your fresh, early morning coffee. The manufacturers, Wacaco, have a number of different devices but the nannopresso is our favourite. The nannopresso has a unique pump system which means you only need hot water and ground coffee, no power required.


LED gloves

These gloves are very versatile they can be used for camping, hiking, night fishing, or even when you’re at home. Darkness can fall quickly when you’re camping and this gadget could be very useful if you are still doing things outdoors or need to make repairs in the dark. There are lots of these available on


Make your own electricity

The BioLite CampStove 2 is an award winning stove that can turn fire into energy. This device could be useful if you are off-grid as it claims to be able to produce energy by burning sticks, twigs, and wood scraps to generate electricity to charge phones and lights. A big claim but worth a look at this patented combustion technology.


Make home videos

If your camping holiday is going to be action-packed, make sure you take along a GoPro. These digital action cameras are waterproof and rugged, perfect for shooting videos outdoors whether it is swimming, biking, climbing, or whatever activity you prefer. Make sure you save your camping memories with one of these gadgets and it can be used at home for other activities.


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