The future of AI

There’s always constant talk about the use of us human beings for the future. People believe that the

There’s always constant talk about the use of us human beings for the future. People believe that the development of Artificial Intelligence will mean that our jobs will be taken and us humans will become less useful for production in future. There’s already discussions floating about that robots will over take us and there just will not be a need for us humans in the working industry anymore.


For those who don’t know much  about AI, today is your lucky day because today’s blog will be discussing all about what AI is and what the future holds for it.

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence is the theory of computer programs being able to do exactly what a human does. For example computer programs will be designed for the system to recognize certain patterns that will re-enact what a human does which is where the idea of robots come in to place.

Robots will eventually be developed and programmed to do a human’s work by programming it in a certain way so that it carries out task after task exactly how a human would.

What has been predicted for the future of AI?

People have even said that robots will be smarter than us and tackle problems better than us. What?! How is that possible when they were designed humans? We are the ones who came up with the idea of robots and possibly successfully designed them, so if anything we should be the smarter ones!

Robots will keep us safer from humans

One researcher has said that they think robots will keep us safer from disasters than what humans would. He has said that they will reduce car accidents and deaths drastically, but how? We’ll soon be having driver less cars, but will they eventually be driven by robots?

AI will turn us in to super humans

Another researcher is hoping that AI will turn us in to super humans. He hopes that humans can be combined with AI tech so that they can work together in order to make us more powerful and stronger.

As this particular researcher is blind and deaf, he is hoping that one day, the future of AI can help him retain his hearing and eyesight. Obviously this would take years of trial and error if people think it is possible, but who knows what AI will be capable of in the future?


There seems to be a lot of benefits surrounding the future of artificial intelligence, but what are they?

Taking over dangerous jobs

They aren’t full robots yet but you could say they are. They have already taken over some dangerous jobs such as bomb diffusing. Humans will use the robots to guide them to the concerned area to analyse the situation through a camera which is much safe than a human doing this job. They will eventually be able to do more dangerous jobs and that will come at a much bigger benefit to humans.

Help elderly care

As we get older we’ll require more help as we will be less able to do certain things. Robots will hopefully be able to provide the elderly with home care by doing simple tasks to make their life a little easier. It will save many hiring outside help to assist them with their day to day tasks.

The benefit of robots will be that it still gives the elderly that independence they simply do not want to lose.

Tackling climate change

There is discussion about robots being able to collect that much data and statistics that they may come up with a solution to the world’s biggest problems such as climate change and global warming.